Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One year later

It's a tough day today,  for a LOT of people in our area.  Today marks the one year anniversary since the EF-5 tornado came through Joplin.  There are a lot of things planned for today - remembrances, ceremonies, moments of silence and of course, just getting through those personal memories.

We had a beautiful day that day, but we knew there was a threat of bad weather.  Brian and I even talked about it that morning.  The air just felt different to me.  I even told him that morning that if we did get the storms they were calling for, it was going to be bad.  Little did I know just HOW BAD it would be.

We went about our business, it was a Sunday and we were enjoying the day and the weather.  We were out running errands, ended up at Cherry Berry at about 4:45.  We were looking around and Brian mentioned that it looked like it might storm, so we decided to go home.  Thank God that we did, we were right in the path the tornado took.

We got home and that is when all the excitement started.  A friend called and asked if she could come over, she was at the mall, of course we said yes.  We have a basement and several people come over when the weather gets bad.

We lost power and turned the radio on and were listening to the updates.  We stood on the back deck and couldn't decide if we were hearing a train or a tornado. We still don't know.  But shortly afterwards, we heard the school had been hit.  We had a rental property there and were concerned about our friend that lived in the house. When we got close, we knew it was bad.  We were praying that she wasn't home.  Thank God our prayers were answered.  We all saw things we shouldn't be seeing, had to do things we hated to do, and I am so extremely grateful that the 4 families that rented our homes were okay.  We weren't sure about a couple for several days.  Phone service was awful, we were working on the houses, helping friends with their houses and just doing what we could to help.

However, things are moving forward.  One house completely repaired with a new tenant.  One house completely built with our friend living in it and the 3rd house is almost done.  We sold a lot to the school district and are putting the 3rd house up for sale for a short while before we rent it out, if necessary,

Things are moving forward.  For the most part, people are moving forward. I am ready to look to the future!

Joplin Spirit Tree

Joplin Wall of Hope

Butterfly Effect Mural

My eats for yesterday:

I had a lot more energy yesterday.  Felt pretty good all day long, a little hungry at times, but it wasn't too bad.  It will take me a while to get used to only fruit for breakfast.  I'll manage it!

Week 2 Detox drink.  I drink this 30 mins before each meal.  Looks nasty, tastes like weak lemon tea.  The challenge is that it is really gritty......

Fruit plate

Huge salad 

beans and rice with spices, steamed zucchini and asparagus.  Supposed to have string beans, but I had leftover asparagus and HATE to waste food!

Off to see what the day brings.  I need to be in the office for a while this morning and then thinking about the walk of unity and then a private memorial service tonight.

God Bless Joplin and all the people affected by last year's tornado.