Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fail to plan or plan to fail

Planning is key to staying on track with your diet and exercise plan.  Oh, you don't have one?  Well, that would be the first plan to get in place!  It doesn't have to be hard or complicated.  Just set aside time each day to get in a quick workout ( 30 mins is best, but get what you can with YOUR schedule), and eat more fruits and veggies, drink your water.

While doing the Ultimate Reset, planning has been KEY!  I am halfway through my second week and if I didn't plan in advance, I would be failing for sure!

This weekend is going to be hard!  We are having friends to the lake and I will be sticking with my meal plan.  They will not be eating the same foods, I am sure of that! LOL!

So, what is MY plan for success this weekend?  PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!  I am making as much food in advance as possible.  I will spend most of the day Friday cooking and getting my meals together. I will pack it all and haul it with me.  No big surprise there,  I am toting food and supplements everywhere I go anyway, it will just be a bigger bag!

So, what is needed to tote all this food around?  I have a soft sided cooler, ice packs and a LOT of containers.  I just use plastic containers, it works for me.  Easy to clean and if one breaks, inexpensive to replace. For this weekend, I am sure I'll be using a BIG cooler!

So this is going to be hard with friends around, good food and I'm sure some adult beverages, but I plan to have my subs in place.  No margaritas for me this time around, I'll just have my lime water over shaved ice.  Works perfectly, right?

I will struggle with sweets.  I've been craving brownies like crazy.  In the past, if I was having a MAJOR chocolate craving, I could use my chocolate shakeology, but we aren't having that on the reset, so I'm just going to have to do something to distract my mind:  go for a walk, brush my teeth ( this one works best for me), read, anything to occupy my mind....

I am going to do my best and forget the rest as they say.....

Day 3, Phase 2 eats:

Fruit plate - breakfast

big salad and sweet potato soup - lunch

quinoa pilaf and broccoli - dinner

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  1. I love the food ideas, I want to try a couple of these, especially the quinoa :)


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