Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Do you Remember, do you remember
All of the times we had
Do you remember?

I love that song....

Yesterday was a day for remembering.  It was also a day for moving forward.

A friend and I walked in the Unity Walk in Joplin.  Dee was such a super helper after the tornado to so many people.  She worked tirelessly and encouraged her kids to do the same, so I was honored to be able to walk with her!  So many people gave everything they had to help others.  I will never forget the Spirit of Joplin and the whole country.

It was HOT!  I am on limited calories.....  I downed a snack right before we started our walk.  I am so glad that I did.  I needed it to get through the walk.  I was AMAZED at all the people.  It was crazy.  I am hoping that I will see some overhead shots of everyone walking.  It was truly uplifting.  We had people cheering us on, handing us water and offering snacks.  Most were businesses, but some were just people that had been affected by the tornado and wanted to show their appreciation.  One family sat out by the road with a table full of homemade cookies ( I didn't eat any, but really loved the gesture).  We had cowbells rang when we went by, people saying thank you, it was overwhelming.

We were toward the front of the group

Loved seeing all the tributes along the way

We finished!  Standing next to the Memorial in Cunningham Park.

We ended up at Cunningham Park.  Denisa and I took a few minutes to look around, we met a woman that was from the St. Louis area, she was there by herself and told us how she came back many times with her church to volunteer.  She was in tears and just amazed at how much has been done since she was here last time.  She took the photo for us and we thanked her for helping our town.  I bought a couple of t-shirts and then Mendy picked us up and we headed off for the private memorial service for Will Norton.

We went to school with Tracey, Will's aunt.  If you don't know Will's story, check it out online.  I can promise you, you will not be the same person after you see it.  We are so fortunate that we are still close friends with many of our school classmates.  We lean on each other and it was evident last night.  When Tracey say us, she hugged us all and told us that she hadn't cried until she saw us.  The ceremony was beautiful and Tracey told us a story that literally took my breath away.  I won't share it here, but if you know Tracey ask her about it. Everyone lit a candle and we floated them in the pond where Will was found - many days after the tornado.  A couple of lanterns were lit and let go.  One of them went up a bit and then came back down in the pond.  I felt it was just Will letting everyone know that he is ok.

After the ceremony, the girls (minus Tracey and Mendy) went to dinner.  As you know, I'm doing the reset and following a pretty strict diet, so I just packed my food ( see Food Toting Mama) and ate my own at the restaurant.

I am so blessed to have these girls in my life.  You really don't know the half of it......

It was a good day and a good way to spend this day.

Ended the evening with Brian and just relaxing.

If you want to read my blog posts right after the tornado check these out:  not many words  and tornado damages.

My eats for the day:

Fruit plate - breakfast

beans and rice over salad with homemade dressing

my afternoon pick-me-up (alkanalize) 

Snack before walk was 1/2 scoop tropical shakeology in my shaker cup on the road!

I also had my pre-dinner supplements on the road out of the back of the jeep.  The girls think I'm a bit nuts, but that is ok, this just solidifies it!

The guy riding his bike as I am downing my detox drink may have different thoughts!

Dinner was sweet potato red pepper bisque. 
Dinner was hard, the girls all had chips and salsa, MY FAVES!  I didn't eat a one!  Stuck to the plan.
GO ME!!!!