Monday, May 14, 2012

A good day!

I had a great day yesterday!  We were at the lake, Brian and I got up and walked the hills and then went for a canoe ride.  One thing I discovered, Brian and I work pretty good together and different kinds of workouts really make your body sore!  I love being able to do different fun things, especially when I get to workout with Brian!

Nick and Lauren had stayed the night with us at the lake, but Chase and Madelyn and Jake ( and his buddy Will) came down and we had a big lunch with Bill, Judy ( we got to bring her to the house for Mother's Day), Lisa, Todd and Marcus and Julie!  It was a big group, but we loved it.  We had kebobs, a huge fruit salad, corn on the cob and of course we couldn't forget dessert.  We had a great time!

 Me and my boys!

 All my kids, except Meredith, who had to study for finals....

the whole gang!

I called my Momma, but didn't get to see her.  That was the only big drawback to my day!

 We had a good day and had to head home, back to get ready for the upcoming week!

I am starting Beachbody's Ultimate Reset today.  So far, it is going well, although chewing raw veggies and salad greens is a bit difficult for me with my mouthpiece. I am really looking forward to seeing the results from 3 weeks of super clean eating and the wonderful supplements!  I've taken my measurements, weight and before photo, got my blood work done and I am ready!

I'm going to be blogging about it as I go through it, so you can follow along and if it is something you are interested in learning more about - just get in touch with me.  I am happy to get you all the info on it!