Monday, April 23, 2012

Bikes and Wine...oh my!

This weekend, we met up with friends and headed off for a fun weekend of bikes and wine.  Except we were in the Jeep and I don't like wine....  BUT, we had a BLAST!!!

WE met up in Cole Camp for the first stop!  There isn't much to do in Cole Camp, but we managed to have a quick breakfast while we waited on everyone to get there and wondered around the town.  After everyone got there, we headed off to the first winery stop!

David found the perfect accessory for the day....

Now, I don't really like wine.  Never have, I have tried it several times, but I was going to be with fun people, have a good time and I might try a little wine.  I tried several wines, I found out - I still don't like wine!

One of the girls with us told me that she enjoyed watching me taste the wine because I made such faces if I didn't like it.  Too bad we didn't get a photo of that!  (Thank goodness.....)

Helen is such a beautiful, sweet person!  I so enjoyed spending time with her!

We went to several wineries on Saturday.  I think 5 in all.    When you tour the wineries in Missouri, you can get a passport and get stamps from each winery and you get fun gifts and meals!  So, we all got our passports stamped and it was fun!

My favorite winery of them all was Casa de Loco!  It was a pretty place and had these balconies that looked out over the water, quite beautiful.  They also served brick oven pizzas, we didn't have one, but they looked delicious.  We will definitely go back another time!

Out on the balcony....

The Lovely Lisa....

Danny and Linda....

The girls... (except for Linda, boo....)

 The guys (except Danny....)

Danny and Linda slept in and missed breakfast!

We had a blast and I would love to do it again.  I think the bikers would be glad for some warmer weather next time!

On Sunday after breakfast, the Joplin group headed south and the KC group headed north.  KC group was going to more wineries, we decided we had had enough wine and headed to the outlet stores and stopped by Bass Pro for the guys on the way home too!

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