Saturday, May 19, 2012

Farmer's Market Friday

The market was busy, lots of yummy goodness for sale and I got the last two boxes of strawberries!  It was a good day!

 My haul!

I met a friend at the market and I packed our lunch.  We enjoyed it sitting in the shade of a tree.  The tree had a few critters falling around us (tomato worms), but we had a great time.  The weather was absolutely perfect!

It was also my nephew Marcus's high school graduation!  So, after the market, I came home and prepared my dinner and Brian and I took off!

We got to the lake and had a nice meal with Lisa, Marcus, Todd and Julie, Bill and of course Chase, Meredith and Madelyn.  

Chase and Bill

Madelyn really enjoyed dessert!

The Linn family

Brian told me to take a photo of his sammy.  He was not following the meal plan for dinner!

Nick and Lauren at  graduation

The proud parents and graduate!
Congratulations Marcus!!

My eats for the day.  Ultimate Reset Day 5:


Totally forgot to take a photo of lunch, but it was a yummy and very pretty quinoa salad and hummus and veggies!  Take my word for it!!

Snack on the way to graduation

 Dinner also included a bowl of miso soup  - YUM!

I took all my supplements and drank a gallon of distilled water! Felt really good today, full of energy!!