Thursday, May 17, 2012

Full on Girl Power!

Sheesh, yesterday was a busy, stressful day!

Madelyn came by yesterday and she was in full on girl power!  The minute she hit the door she wanted to show me her pretty dress and needed her toenails painted - AGAIN!  This time she wanted pink sparkly!  What is a Nona to do, I got up and got the nail polish.....  Madelyn made sure to pick out a color for me and told me that I would be painting MY toenails pink sparkly too!  She sits very still and does a good job of waiting for it to dry, of course I put drying drops on there to help speed the progress....

While I was painting my toes, she wanted to take some photos of hers.... they turned out pretty funny!

 Not a bad job....

When all else fails, just put your feet in the air.....
Grumpy came home with doughnuts... REALLY?  I am on a detox.....  I avoided them, but Madelyn enjoyed one.  REALLY ENJOYED IT!  It was everywhere.  She kept asking me if I just wanted a teeny tiny bite....

I had to make an unplanned trip to Grove and Miami.  I quickly packed up my snacks and dinner because I wasn't sure how long I would be there.  Brian's mom had to be moved from the nursing center to the hospital in Miami.

My day 3 on the Reset went pretty good.  I am not having any problems, no headaches or joint pain.  I actually feel pretty good!  I seem to have more energy.

 Breakfast was a tropical shakeology ( the meal plan called for eggs/toast and kale), I don't eat eggs that often, so since I had had them once this week already, I opted for the shake.  KIWILICIOUS!  Double YUM!

 Lunch was lentil lime salad and a green salad.  I rolled with the greek dressing again!  Very filling and good!

 Then I packed snack and lunch - nori veggie sushi roll, cucumber salad, miso soup and apple slices for snack.

My sushi was too full and not rolled tight enough.  The first one I made looked like a burrito, this one was a little better.  I loved it, it tasted good, looked okay, but they fell apart.  I will be having another chance at it today for lunch!

I didn't get my green drink in, I forgot to take it with me.  But, everything else was on track.

If you would say a prayer for my mother-in-law, Judy, I would really appreciate it!