Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taylor's Succes Story

I just love getting success stories from my customers!  It really does motivate me to keep going!  I need all the motivation I can get!

 As you know I've been doing Insanity.  This is my 3rd week and we completed the fit test today.  I love that we do the fit test every couple of weeks.  I think seeing the improvement in my strength and cardiovascular system also motivates me to stick with the program!

Here's my results:

Test                                         6/28                               7/12

Switch Kick                                55                                  62
Power Jacks                               48                                  54
Power Knees                              72                                  94
Power Jumps                              16                                  25
Globe Jumps                                7                                    9
Suicide Jumps                             11                                  16
Push Up Jacks                            20                                  28
Low Plank obliques                    44                                  57

So, there is improvement all around.  I'm happy with those numbers!

So, back to my customer's success story.  Taylor did Insanity.  He has AMAZING results!  I do have his permission to share these photos!


Isn't he adorable?   Such great results too! 

If you have a success story you'd love to share, please let me know.  I am always wanting to post them.  It really does help others to stay on track, knowing that regular people like us can get these GREAT restults!

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Discussion:  What motivates you to stay on track?