Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snow Day in July?

We are having a blast in Colorado and yesterday we got to experience a complete change in temperature.  We are in the Rocky Mountain National Park and when we headed into the park it was in the 90's.  As we climbed to the top, we played in the snow and the temperature had drastically dropped.  The thermometer in the car said it was in the 70's, but it was colder than that!!

Snow day in July is awesome, especially when you drive a few more miles and it is over!  That is MY kind of snow day!

 Climbing up was a lot easier than climbing down.  More like sliding down!!!

We have seen some amazing wildlife as well.  Elk, moose, deer and even a bear last night!  Tomorrow I'll post photos of those!

For now, we are off on a 6 mile hike to the lake!  This should be another fantastic day!

Discussion:  Do you have vacation plans this summer?  Where are you going or where have you been?