Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you keepin' cool?


I love hot weather, but this is almost unbearable!  I've been staying inside, drinking cool beverages, spending time in the pool and just taking it a little easier!

I've been putting the Zoku to good use - made shakeology popsicles this week - they were delish!

I used my regular shakeology recipe (1 scoop chocolate shakeology, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter and 10 oz water), poured it into the frozen zoku and let it sit for 7 minutes and then we were enjoying our popsicles!

Madelyn enjoyed swimming yesterday, she even found a little friend and held him/her for a few seconds - long enough for me to get a photo!!

Tips for Staying Cool

1)  Drink plenty of water - you should be drinking water anyway, but pour it over ice and you will cool down.  Drink the water even if you are not feeling thirsty, you need to stay hydrated!

2)  Do your workouts first thing in the morning or later at night when it is cooler.  Try not to comprimise your workouts if you can. 

3)  If you are going to be outside, wear loose, light colored clothing and a floppy hat to cover your face!  Try to be outside in the cooler parts of the day - early mornings and later evenings.

4)  Go places that have AC if you don't have it at home.  Shopping malls, coffee houses, a friend's house, the library, a restaurant.  Get out of the heat!!

If you get overheated, be sure to allow yourself to cool down, take a cool shower, drink your water and take it easy for a while. 

Be sure that you don't forget our four-legged friends too, they suffer just as much in the heat!

Jake's dog Roxy, loves the AC!!  She is so funny when she sleeps!  Cracks me up!
Discussion:  What do you suggest to stay cool when it is so stinkin' hot?