Saturday, July 16, 2011

Living a FIT Life!

What does living a fit life really mean? 

To me, it means:

Eating Clean
Being Happy

Some of us need a little FIT-spiration.  

Focus on just a few changes and you will be living a fit life as well!

1)  Make sure you are active EVERY day!  This doesn't mean you have to workout as hard as possible for 3 hours every day, just be active.  Walk, jog, yoga, dancing,swimming,  exercise dvd's or go to the gym.  Play with your kids, whatever YOU like to do.  Just be sure to MOVE.  Our bodies were designed for movement.  Enjoy the movement, be glad you can!

2)  Eat as healthy as you possibly can!  Make a few small changes to your diet to get the best results.  DRINK WATER, no fried foods, avoid sugar, no soda or even diet soda, swap out the oil you use to olive oil, eat fresh produce (veggies and fruit). 

3)  Be Happy.  Work on yourself.  We are all works in progress, I read personal development books and listen to audio almost every day,  Pray, meditate.  Take a few minutes for yourself every single day.  You will be happier and your family will be happier!  Do something fun daily!  Music makes me happy, I listen to my favorite songs, spend a few minutes outside, get in the sun.  Whatever it takes, it can be as little as 5 minutes a day.  But, don't neglect yourself.  Choose to be Happy!

You can live a fit life with a few simple changes.  It makes such a difference in your life!  When you are living a fit life, you feel better, look better and will even sleep better.  Start off slow in making your changes and before you know it - it will be part of your daily routine!

This was my playlist on my walk this morning.  Each song I was walking a little faster and singing along (in my head, of course - yes you would thank me for that!!). 

I Do 2:54 Colbie Caillat
Love Lockdown 4:30 Kanye West

Pocketful of Sunshine 3:23 Natasha Bedingfield
Still The One 3:55 Orleans
All I Want to Do 3:33 Sugarland
The Lazy Song 3:16 Bruno Mars
What Was I Thinking 4:23 Dierks Bentley
I Want You Back 2:58 The Jackson 5
Need You Tonight (Single Version) 3:03 INXS

Young Money 3:24 Vita Chambers
Last Name 4:03 Carrie Underwood
Streetcorner Symphony 4:12 Rob Thomas

I didn't pick it out, just put the ipod on shuffle and took off walking!  It was a good mix!  Hope that you enjoy it too!

Discussion:  What do you do to make sure you live a fit life?