Saturday, July 2, 2011

Plan B weekend

So, we got up this morning to a wonderful (rolleyes) story about the levels of the blue green algae in Grand Lake in the Tulsa World newspaper.  Evidently the levels are dangerously high and if you come into contact with the water, you have a chance of getting sick.  I think I'll not take my chances, thank you very much! 

Now we are trying to come up with a plan B.  Wiffle ball, board games, eating (s'mores anyone?) and drinking will all be in order.

We don't have much of a crowd today, but tomorrow is another story.  We'll see who is brave enough to take their chances. My nephew just took off in the boat to go to Dripping Springs and jump off the cliffs.  I'll see how they feel later tonight or tomorrow.  They are young and said the story was overrated. Oh, youth is wasted on the young.....

The lake is usually so crowded and loud on the 4th of July, we have seen 3 boats and 2 wave runners.  It's unusally quiet.

Discussion:  Any suggestions on what we can do?