Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Think you are too busy?

It's Fit Club Tuesday!  YAY!  I love Tuesdays just for that reason!  I get to workout with my friends and that makes me happy.

If you think you are too busy, can't fit exercise into your schedule, then the answer to your problem is Ten Minute Trainer by Tony Horton.

Everyone has 10 minutes........  if you can't squeeze 10 minutes in for your health, then you really need to re-think your priorities.  Give up just a few minutes and  you will be feeling better, looking better and even sleeping better.  Clothes fit better....  do you need MORE reasons?

Give Me 10 Minutes—I'll Give You Results!

The workout for the busiest people!

What makes 10-Minute Trainer so fast and effective?

My breakthrough Super Stacking Technique™ using resistance bands, combines the most effective moves I know into each 10-minute workout. Instead of starting with cardio, then working different body parts one at a time, I stack them to work everything at the same time—in just 10 minutes! Not a second is wasted! It's multitasking for your muscles!

You get all this!

Total Body - Just 10 moves in 10 minutes to work your entire body from head to toe!

Cardio - Simple kicking, lunging, and punching moves get you in the fat-burning zone fast!

Lower Body - 10 phenomenal moves slim your thighs and lift your buns in just 10 minutes.

Yoga Flex - A total-body stretch routine for long, lean muscles!

Resistance Kit - Maximize the power of Super Stacking with a Pro-Grade Resistance Band plus Power Cardio Belt.

Customized workout calendar - Plan workouts around your busy schedule.

Rapid Results Guidebook - Your personal weight loss planner loaded with fitness tips.

Tony Horton's 10-Minute Meals - Tips and recipes for making nutritious, tasty, low-cal meals and snacks in less than 10 minutes!

Plus 3 FREE gifts to keep! - BONUS Abs Routine, On-the-Go Workout Cards, 10-Day Lean Jean Plan

My 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee: See body-transforming results or your money back (less s&h)! But your 3 FREE GIFTS worth $60.00 are yours to keep!

If you order through my website, you also get Tony Horton's Fountain of Youth Yoga ( I love this one!!)

So, get started right away and give me 10!  Find the workout YOU love and make your health a priority.  Eat clean, workout 5-6 days per week, drink plenty of water and get some sleep!  YOU are worth it!

Discussion:  Do you make time for your health?  In what ways?