Thursday, June 23, 2011

I bit the rug!

I had Miss Madelyn yesterday and she was in a pretty good mood!  She usually is, but things can change in a heartbeat with a toddler.

So, we had been playing all morning long, had our lunch (onies - macaroni in Madelynese) and she wanted to play outside. We grab our sunglasses, she decided we needed to switch things up a bit:

 Mom shows up and Madelyn's mood changes.  She was in, she wants out.  So, we go in, this doesn't make her happy, just inside the door I have an area rug, Madelyn lays on it and puts her face on the rug.  She stands up and says - I bit the rug.  I asked her if it made her feel better and she says un-huh.  Evidently she has been biting and Mom and Dad are trying to break her of it.

So, the next time I am all mad and upset, I think I'll bite the rug!  It worked for Mads!

Discussion:  Did you have a toddler that was biting?  How did you break them?