Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's been a good weekend!

Boy, what a weekend.  Brian and I had resigned ourselves to working for the better part of the month to get our houses demolished and moved to the curb.  We have a couple of trips in there, so we were prepared to just work and get it done in whatever time frame we could.  We can't start rebuilding until August anyway, so there really was no hurry.  BUT, Brian called his good ol' buddy David and he came to our rescue this weekend.  All the houses are DONE!  I am so thankful to David for his hard work and use of his equipment.

They played and worked like little boys, both of them grinning from ear to ear using the heavy machinery!

Boys and their toys!!!

We cleaned up and had some and family over on Friday night

The boys got back to it on Saturday to help another friend with his house and got it done as well!  Jake and Morgan moved into their apartment and we rented the other house in Joplin.

Went out to dinner on Saturday night and came home and collapsed. 

What a relief to know that this is done and taken care of before we go on our trips!

I leave on Wednesday for the Beachbody Coaches Summit!

My invitation to the Success Club party!

 I'm so excited, getting things ready and making my lists getting ready to start packing!

Still have to get my hair cut, give myself a pedi and make the final decision on my dresses for the parties (3)!! 

We've laid pretty low today, David went home this morning and Brian and I decided to take it easy today!  I've been reading, the kids came over to swim and now, just hanging out!

It's been a good weekend!