Monday, June 6, 2011

Life's little blessings

wow, talk about a busy weekend.

Friday was spent volunterring and cleaning up, went to dinner with friends for a birthday :)  and then early to bed. 

Saturday was a go-go all day long.  We worked around the house for a little while in the morning, went to drop off some donated items and later in the day, went to Magoo's for a little get-together.  We got to see several of our classmates and just had a blast.  Danced and talked, does it get any better than that?

Sunday was a day for cleaning our own property.  I can not belive that the weather - it is stinkin' hot here.  And humid.  I think I got a little overheated.  We were standing there on the foundation of our house, sweating like crazy thinking that it was so overwhelming the amount of debis to clean up.

 Then a guy pulls up in a pickup truck, comes up to talk to us.  Asks if we are the owners of the house, his sister lives 2 houses down (thankfully she is ok)  and he is from TX and his church group wants to help us clean up our property.  When we were talking and telling him about our other houses, he told us that his group would just take care of this house so that we can focus on our other houses.  Is that not the best blessing?  God is working miracles here in Joplin every single day!  Don't you doubt it at all!!!