Monday, February 14, 2011

work anywhere? why, yes please!

I had to be out of the house today, so I am working from Joe Muggs!  It's fun to be able to work no matter where I am!!

I've got everything I need!  Internet (check), chai latte (check), phone (check), list of things I need done (check)!!!  My only problem today is that I didn't know that Joe Muggs charged for their internet use.  I would've left, but I already had everything set up and just didn't feel like putting it all away and going somewhere else.  BUT, NEXT TIME, I'll go to Starbucks.  I picked Joe Muggs because it is less crowded and noisy.  But, I won't pay again for the internet usage. Sorry Joe Muggs!

We had a GREAT time yesterday with the fam!  Taco family dinner.  Brian wanted to go out on a limb and try something new and different - he succeeded.  Pulled pork tacos with coleslaw.  They all loved them, he got the idea when we were in Branson in Oct.  The kids all loved it.  I stuck with my usual - soy meat and avocado and salsa, lettuce - just the basic taco!!

Madelyn ate all the sides - olives, tomatoes and chips with dip-dip (salsa).  She's my kind of girl!  She was having fun wearing mom's sunglasses and looked so cute with her pigtails!

Happy Valentine's Day or as my kids used to say, Happy Balentimes, mom!  If you haven't gotten your sweetie a gift yet, try something simple and easy.  Cook their favorite meal, make a mix tape (that is what Brian requested and got!), a nice massage, clean the kitchen after dinner, so many easy ways to please your partner that won't break the bank!

However, Brian, if you are reading:  that ice maker would be the perfect gift :) HA HA HA!!!

Discussion:  Do you go all out for Valentine's or do you prefer a low-key night?  I love comments and I will respond, please leave one!!