Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fit Club and Birthday Celebrations!

Fit Club Tuesday is here again!  It's the last one for Feb, so that means the last of the Slim Series workouts tonight  These workouts have been fun and they are truly effective workouts!  7 PM at the CJ Community Center!  Remember, there is no charge for the class, come on in and let's have fun getting fit together!  If you are not local, please sign up for a free account or a club membership and let me coach you to your BEST HEALTH YET!!!  I offer free fitness coaching and would LOVE to help you!

We had a blast at the birthday party last night.  The kids were all there, they were all chatty and laughing.  Madelyn was showing us all her "tricks".  She was laughing so hard....  I love that!   But, by the time I pulled the camera out, she was D.O.N.E. done!  Ready to go home to bed!  She was telling everyone "BYE" in her loud voice before her parents even mentioned leaving!

Uncle Jake and Mads watching Special Agent Oso!

Aunt Lauren and Mads on the comfy couch!

Not so thrilled with having her picture with the birthday boy, Grumpy!

Please, just hurry up with the pictures.....

Meredith, Chase and Nick

there might be something in your teeth Brian!

The birthday boy and the family!

Food was great - spaghetti and meatballs ( I had spaghetti and mushrooms) and the apple cobbler turned out wonderful!!

Discussion:  Do you prefer your family birthday celebrations at home or do you go out for them?