Sunday, February 6, 2011


I love football.  Growing up, we ALWAYS watched the football games on Sundays.  Never missed them!  So, it is a tradition that has carried over to my house as well.  My favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs, I have loved them for years, through thick and thin!  There's been quite a bit more thin than thick!  So, I am excited for Superbowl 2011 today.  Not as excited as I would be if the Chiefs had made it, but excited enough to have a big party!  YAY!  A reason to celebrate!!!

We are having friends over and it will be loads of fun!  I'm cleaning and cooking this morning and then be ready for the big game!  Brian LOVES the Steelers, so I think I'll be cheering on the Pack!  Really, I like both teams and don't care which one wins!

I'm making a BIG pot of veggie chili, a "cheesy" dip (don't tell!!) and a veggie tray.  One of our friends is going to cook the phesant that they hunters brought home from their last hunting trip and everyone else is bringing a dish as well.  There will be GOOD food!

It's now time for a little truthful tell-all!

I have really not done well the last few weeks with my workouts or my eating.  I've been watching what I eat somewhat, but probably eating more than I should.  I thought I was ready to get back into my daily routine, but I didn't stick with it!  So, when I got on the scale this morning, my eyes popped out of my head.  It has caught up with me and FAST! 

I have a bad relationship with the scale.  Either I weigh several times per day or I don't weigh at all.  Neither one is good.  So, I'm bringing the scale back out.  I need to, I have to know where I am.  It's NOT PRETTY!!!!

Brian and I have decided that a little wager is in order so we can get back to our healthy habits.  This should be fun.  I think I might be in trouble though.  Brian can lose weight easily if he really puts his mind to it.  So, I am going to have to be extra diligent!

I'm going to be posting the good, the bad and the ugly all here for you to help me stay on track!  I'm going to be doing Insanity ( I think, going to make my final decision today) and I'll post it all!  Workouts, food and how I am feeling! I hope you don't mind, but I have to have the accountability!  I need the fitness support!

We are going to Savannah in about a month and I think I need to be on track and in shape for that trip!  I may have to put on a bathing suit.. That should be motivation enough...

Discussion:  What is your motivation to stay on track, getting your workouts done and eating right?