Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Day and Night!

I have had one of the most fun days I've had in a while.  I have been with the girls today.  We have laughed our heads off and my face hurt from smiling.  The day is hardly over, tonight is date night with Brian!  I know that I'll be laughing even more.

We started off the day shopping at Sam's.  Found some fun things, got new pillows (we need these!!), some leggings and sweats and blackberries (random, I know) and then headed over to Joe Muggs for a quick, warm drink.  Off to lunch after that and then to the local beauty supply store for hair color.  The girls are all getting together tonight to color their hair.  I have to miss out on this one, bummer.

Brian and I are going to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early.  Too many people out (amatuers) on the ACTUAL DAY!!!!   Dinner and then the casino for a while.  Should be a blast!

Some great photos of the day so far:

I loved this!

Might be the largest icicle I've seen

So many funny stories, probably not as funny when written.  The BS meter going off in my car, the largest icicle on the news, the hair color lady not being very helpful, and of course, the PILE of napkins the little girls had......

Thanks girls, I needed today!