Friday, February 18, 2011

There may have been

I have been meeting myself coming and going this week.  It's been supah crazy!

I just realized that I haven't gotten a blog post done since Tuesday!  WHAT????  Good grief.

The weather has been just glorious!  Today it was 73!  LOVEIT LOVEIT LOVEIT!

Brian took the tops out of the jeep and we headed out to enjoy the day! 

So just what have we been up to?

Work, cleaning and a little playing:

There may have been a mess after a certain someone had been here

There may have been a lunch at Instant Karma YUM!!!

There may or may not be one of these on my Christmas wish list.....

There may have been a failed attempt to paint my nails in a moving vehicle

There may have been a wish for summer to be here


It's been a good week, but I'm exhausted.  Off to bed early now so we can have more fun tomorrow!!!

I love comments, share the love, let me know what you think!!

Discussion:  What might have happened at your place this week?  Any questions for me to answer?  Anything you want to see on the blog?