Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do YOU poop out at parties?

Are you a pill taker? I am not!
That is why I drink my Shakeology each and every day.

I want to get all the nutrients, but not have to take a handful of pills.  I don't take a multi-vitamin on top of my shake, but I do take a few things, things I think EVERY person should take daily! 

Vitamin D -  (I take 4000 mg each day) is absolutely necessary for everyone in my opinion! I don't think people get enough and you can't get in the sun to get enough either. 

Reduces your risk of 17 types of cancer
Regulates your immune system
linked to maintaining a healthy body weight
promotes healthy brain function
My personal observation - helps with muscle soreness

Core Omega 3  - Fish Oil.  I love the Beachbody version.  It smells like vanilla. Wish we had smell-o-vision.... No nasty after taste.  I am waiting on my next shipment, I ran completely out!  Brian and I both take it!  This is important for all kinds of reasons: 

Promotes healthy heart function

Promotes healthy blood pressure
Promotes healthy blood viscosity and cardiovascular health
Promotes healthy joints
Promotes healthy immune function
Promotes healthy brain and nerve function
Supports and maintains healthy retina and eye function

If I am feeling a little run down, then I will take the Herbal Immune Boost.  This stuff is GOLDEN! 

It does exactly what it says - boost your immune system.  Good stuff!

Several people think that you don't have to supplement your diet if you are eating healthy.  I really don't agree with that.  Our soil is depeleted, the nutrients are not the same.  The food is usually shipped in and will lose it's potency over time.  I've even read that it is better to buy frozen if you are not buying locally.

You have to get a LOT of variety in your diet to get ALL the nutrients you need.  I think if you eat a balanced diet without a lot of processed foods, you can use a multi-vitamin to supplement what you are missing.  It won't hurt for sure!  Do I think you need to take a handful of pills daily, NO!  Do I think you are getting all your body needs in your diet?  NO!   I think there is a happy medium in there between eating raw fruits and veggies and whole grains, clean proteins and taking a shake a day vs. popping every kind of pill on the market.

Discussion:  What is your take on vitamins? Take them or not? 

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  1. I'm like you Dana...I drink my Shakeology everyday and then supplement with vitamin D and omega 3. However, I do take a multivitamin once a day as well and I also take glucosamine for joint strength/maintenance.

    I look forward to my chocolate Shake everyday! So yummy!


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