Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double YUM!

It's TUESDAY and that means FIT CLUB!  No bad weather, no traveling, nothing to cancel our sweatfest!

Since it is Feburary, it is SLIM SERIES!!!  Love these workouts, so effective and you really do get a good sweat on!

Slim Series®
Combines intense cardio with greater resistance to continue slimming and toning your body. With trainer Debbie Siebers.

Take Your Results to the Next Level

Debbie Siebers designed Slim Series as the ultimate follow-up program to Slim in 6®. She keeps mixing it up and introducing new moves so you keep losing weight without ever getting bored!

6 More Workouts
Tear It Up!
Get ready to shift your fitness program into high gear with this extreme full-body workout.

Firm It Up!
Take a "firm" stand with your lower body to achieve lean, sexy buns and thighs.

Tone It Up!
Get slim, toned, and tight with this full-body, cardio-intensive workout.

Shape It Up!
An amazing strength-building resistance workout to reshape your body from head to toe!

Mix It Up!
Break through your fitness plateau with innovative new moves.

Cool It Off!
At last! Time to give your body a chance to recover with this rejuvenating stretching routine.

Plus a FREE Bonus!

Yours to keep when you order the complete Slim Series program! 
Slimming Guide
Get Debbie's secrets to success and her easy-to-use diet tools!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One of the great things about these workouts is you can get the whole series for $59.85 or you can purchase the individual workouts for $19.95!!   BARGAIN!!

Slim Series is the best way to keep getting the results you want. We're so sure you'll succeed, you have our money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied with your progress, just return Slim Series within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h. No questions asked. But keep Debbie's Slimming Guide as our gift just for trying.

So, if you are in the area, join us tonight at the CJ Community Center in Carl Junction @ 7 PM for a great workout - no charge for the workout and we will also taste Shakeology!!!  YUMMO!!

If you are NOT in my area, don't fret, you can get a free account at my website and do a virtual workout with us!  Sign up for free and then join us in the WOWY gym at 7 PM CT!  Not only will you know we are all sweating at the same time, but you can enter for a chance to win cool prizes and/or cash.  Yes, you can win for doing YOUR WORKOUT!  BONUS!  SWEET!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, how did your day go?  Did you give in and eat candy all day long or were you able to resist temptation.  Speaking of temptation, my valentine brought these to me:

Beautiful and yummy.  They are part fruit, right?  I had one yesterday and I've had one today.  I thought I was doing great until I noticed a second box in the fridge.   Jake and Brian are going to have to get busy eating these bad boys!

So today I logged some treadmill time, I have fit club tonight and I am making up for it with my diet!  I'm not too worried about it, but I am trying to do my best today!

Here's my afternoon pick-me-up!  Green lemonade all icy!  Double YUM!  If you want to check out some GREAT green smoothie/juice recipes, please head over to my friend Jennifer's blog Joyful Juicy Journey!  You will love her recipes and HER!  Spinach, lemons, apples, kale, and stevia!  So healthy for you!  Head over to Jen's blog to get the recipe!

Discussion:  Do you need an afternoon pick-me-up?  What do you choose?