Monday, February 7, 2011

superbowl superfun!

Ww had a great time yesterday at the super bowl party!  Food was GREAT!  Had a couple of drinks and then just enjoyed the evening!

Glad to just be around my family and friends!!

Allen and Brian dressed alike, isn't that sweet?

me and my boys!

can't go without one of these shots!

Me and Hermina

the girls!

the family room was full!

Lauren enjoyed her snow sno-cone!  Blue tongue!

So, we all enjoyed the game.  Several were cheering the Steelers, fewer for the Packers, but in the end, Brian was wanting the Pack to win because he had the right numbers for the pool!!!  YAY!  He won $125!!

Good times for everyone!  I was disappointed in the Natioanl Anthem, Christina can really sing, but I think she over-sang it and I think she was more into the "runs" than remembering the lyrics.  The commercials were so-so......  My favorite was the Doritos one where the guy sucked the cheese off the other guys fingers and mini Darth Vader.  I thought the halftime show was pretty good.  So sad that the sound guy messed up somewhat, but I enjoyed it.  I was one of the only ones that did.....

Discussion:  What did you think about the game and all the events?

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