Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's been a week!

We've had a pretty stressful week at our place.  I don't see it getting much better for a while, but we are dealing with it the best we can.

Some happier highlights:

Nick and Lauren bought a new to them truck and came by to get us for a test drive.  We ended up going out to dinner and had a good time.  Tried the new Chinese buffet in Webb City.  Not too bad, I liked the Mongolian BBQ.  I could get whatever veggies I wanted and they cook them for you right there.  Pretty tasty!  Of course the best part of the meal is the fortune cookies at the end.  I don't eat them, but I like the fortunes.

I've been doing my P90X2 workouts.  They are HARD, but getting a bit easier each time.  I started a fit club class at OCC at 3 PM on Tues and Thurs.  3 people showed up on Thursday.  That made me happy!  I'd love to have you join us if you are local.  We are doing cardio each time and will be sticking with Body Gospel for now.

Went to dinner with friends last night.  Ate at Pacific Rim.  Hmmmm, I'm seeing a pattern here.  It was really good and then we went to see One for the Money.  It was good and we laughed.  Much needed!
Movie was good, but the books are always better for me!  If you haven't read these books, pick them up today. You won't be sorry. 

I've been doing a lot of reading.  Finished Taming Mad Max (cute), Cupcake (funny) and some other heavier research reading (not so fun). 

Have you read anything good lately?  If you have the Kindle, Nook or just the kindle app on your computer or phone, be sure to check out for all kinds of really good free books.  Trust me, there is something there for everyone.

Got some new cookbook reviews coming up.  We are going to be changing out diet routines up and I'm excited to try new things.  One good thing that has come out of this week!

Tomorrow is Nick's birthday.  Another big day planned and will be sure to be fun!  I'll take photos!