Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We had a blast in Dallas.  There is nothing better in my opinon, than connecting with other peoplethat want to better themselves.  I got to listen to one of my mentors, Jeff Olson, author of The Slight Edge! 

Mom and I headed out early on Friday and got to Dallas in time for a GREAT mexican lunch feast!  I had the veggie tacos (delish!) and mom had the brisket tacos (she said they were also yummy!)  They had the most interesting entry way.  The light fixture was HUGE!

We went on to get checked into the hotel and this was waiting for us on our beds....  loved it.
Since we have relatives in town, we visited Ruth and Aunt Dorothy for a bit.  Couldn't pass up an opportunity to see them while we were in town.

 We did pretty good driving in Dallas, it wasn't too bad or busy, UNTIL Friday night on our way home from Ruth and Dorothy's.  Someone had the brilliant idea to take I-635 from 6 lanes to 1 lane.  It took us 1 1/2 hours to go 4 miles.  GEEZ!!

Saturday was a FULL day!  Met up with my friend Dani ( how is it I didn't get a photo of us????)  Then we went in for the conference. 

We learned so much, had a great time and of course, spending time with my Mom is always the best!!

It was a LONG day, but sooo worth it. 

Jeff Olson is so motivating, now to put it all to work for me!

Sunday was a day of traveling and I've been recovering and taking care of Miss Madelyn, she hasn't been feeling well and had to stay home from preschool.  We've been busy, but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow! 

Have a great day!