Monday, January 23, 2012

Catching up

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted and most of it not so great!  We got the flu.  Boy, it was not a fun time.

I think I last posted on Tuesday when I had Madelyn, she was sick and stayed with me and gave us her bug.....

We had a pretty good time together on Tuesday even though she wasn't feeling too great.  We made muffins

In case you noticed the microwave in the photo above, I pulled the handle off (again).  Don't even know my own strength....  Brian fixed it - I thought the redneck way, but he glued it and then taped it to hold it until the glue dried. 

Wednesday, I had Mads again, she was feeling a bit better.  we were feeling so-so...

Thursday was Chase's birthday.  My oldest turned 27.  OMGness, how can that be, I know I'm not a day over 30......  He called and canceled his birthday dinner, said he wasn't feeling so great.  I had made the cake, but not finished it and was moving a little slow anyway.  By that evening, all hell had broke loose for me and Brian.

It was not pleasant, we are still recovering.  Allen, Hermina and Nick came to our rescue and dropped off a few care packages on the front porch.  I don't blame them for not wanting to come in...

Last night we all felt well enough to have dinner together.

  I had lysol'd the whole house down several times and that was Chase's first comment when he walked in the door.  "Smells like lysol in here!"  That made me feel good! HA!  Chase requested roast beef ring and chocolate cake with cherries ( THE birthday cake, apparently).  I made that , made noodles and mashed potatoes for Brian and I and everyone was sipping Sprite.  Jake looks around and asks why everyone is acting weird.  We ALL looked at him weird and asked what he meant.  He didn't know anyone had been sick and very politely informed us that if he got sick, he was going to visit each and every one of us to share it back....  I'm not worried, he won't be able to get out of bed!  I KNOW!

I'm planning on getting back to my workout routine today.  I may be slow and not get it all done perfectly ( who am I kidding?  I don't get it done perfectly on my BEST day!), but I am going to give a try.

Not the best way to lose weight at all.  I don't recommend it!

Another week begins and this one HAS to be better right? Oh, maybe I shouldn't say that and jinx it...