Monday, January 9, 2012

funtimes and Jake's birthday!

We had a busy, but fun weekend!  Friday we picked Mads up and went for a little fun outing.  Errands, lunch and the park.  We have been so blessed to have such wonderful weather for January.  I have a feeling that it is going to get nasty and cold soon, but I am going to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!

Madelyn was fascinated with our shadows!  Take a picture Nona!!  We had a blast, but I think Madelyn was more than ready for her nap!

Saturday was a girls day out!  We hit the road for a day of shopping and girl fun!

 We tried to find the most outrageous headbands.  I think we succeeded!  Charming Charlie is a fun place, I got a new purse and a couple of necklaces and I got a couple of outfits for my Dallas trip this weekend!

Had to try the martini flight.  Lemon drop, blue moon punch and Adam and Eve Apple.  Good and just right for tasting!

When we got home from shopping Brian was waiting and we ran out the door to dinner with friends.  We had a blast and laughed our heads off, mostly at Brian's antics!  He is a little high maintainence, just sayin'!

Sunday was a down day, I got my walking done, did a little cooking and just took it easy!  Reading and relaxing were the orders of the day!

Today is my baby's 21st birthday!  Happy Birthday Jakey!  Love you bunches!!!