Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anything but normal....

It's been a while since I've been here.  Lots going on, Nick's birthday, dr visits, my parents barn burned down and several of their sheep were killed in the fire, and just life in general. 

To catch you up: 

Nick turned 23, we had a big birthday party, cake and all the fixin's!  For each birthday I let the birthday person pick their favorite meal and cake. Then I fix it for them and we have a big family get together!  I think it's the best part of the day!

Everytime we have a family dinner and sit in the dining room ( this room doesn't get used much at our house), we have a conversation about the shoe on the shelf.   This will have to be another blog post (soon, I promise!)

Madelyn and Bumpy have come up with a new name for me.  I am now either NonaRitz or Noni Macaroni.  So, I will answer to either if you see me around!  But, you have to laugh your head off when you say it!!

I am offering a workout cardio class at OCC at 3 PM CT on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I'd love to have you join me.  (FYI - I won't be there today, sorry have an appointment!)

My X2 workouts are going well, we are staying in Phase 1 a little longer, just don't feel that I am ready to move on.

My skin is looking great and I'm loving the Nerium.  Remember, if you are local and would like to experience Nerium for 5 days, just get in touch with me (email or phone or facebook).  You will LOVE it too!

My mom called me on Tuesday and told me that their barn was on fire, many of the sheep were trapped inside.  Dad had tried to go in and rescue them, but the propane tank exploded while he was in there and thankfully, she wouldn't let him go back in.  They are devastated.  It is so sad.  8 fire departments came and many of their friends and townspeople came to help.  I am so thankful that they weren't hurt and that they were able to keep the house from catching fire.  27 years ago, their house burned and I truly believe one major fire per lifetime is more than enough.  My parents have always been generous and allowed the local FFA and 4-H kids keep their animals on their farm if they didn't have a place of their own.  Many of the sheep killed belonged to these kids.  It is so sad.  They are thinking the fire was caused by a heat lamp ( to keep the babies warm) falling, shorting out or exploding.  So sad.

The OKC news came and interviewed several of the kids and my dad.  (just for the record, my dad's name is Dan, not Ed.) 

Watch the video here.

I thought I had lost my camera, but I found it yesterday.  My brain has been so scattered lately, I'm surprised I can remember anything.  So, I will have more photos soon!

We've started a new Feb Challenge.  If you want to participate, let me know, you can either join in the group on facebook or I can add you to the email list.

Oh and I have committed to 2, yes TWO 5K's.  One in March and one in May.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate to run?  I think I really may have lost my mind...... 

So, not a lot going on here, yet again so much going on.  I'm sure it is the same for you! 

My goal for Feb is to do a better job of posting here.  Hang with me, I'll be back to normal soon, I hope!