Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012 Challenge!

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day around our house.  I was tired from being out late on New Year's Eve and we had company for most of the day.  We went to the breakfast pajama party ( I wore my regular clothes, but a lot of the other people really did wear their pj's!)  It was delicious as I knew it would be.  Then I took the girls to Target ( looking for kindle covers and lights - disappointed in the selection) and then a quick tour of the town to see how it has changed since they were here last after the tornado.  Lots of things have changed! AND, our house on 17th St. is ALMOST done!  I'm so excited!!

I am starting P90X2 today.  I've already done my morning workout and getting ready to do day 1 of the X2!  I am working out with a friend in the mornings and then will be doing my X2 workouts in the evenings.  I hope I can eat enough to keep up with this schedule.

However, I understand that not everyone is ready for the X2 OR any hard workout.  So I have a Januray challenge going on.

Today is the 1st day!  You can still participate!  YAY!

January Challenge!

Gonna do this a little differently again this month. You will have to check in here every day to see your daily challenge.

Today, your challenge is to go for a 10-minute walk before you go to bed tonight. This doesn't have to be anything strenuous, just a steady pace that will get your body moving.

We are going to start slow and build up! Keep your food journal, drink your water and do your regularly scheduled workouts. Eat as clean as possible! Something different every day!
 So, get started today and be sure to check in every day to see what you get to do next!  It will increase a bit everyday, but not so much that you can't keep up!  Plus, if you are more advanced, you can still play along with your other workouts! We are posting on the Missouri Fit Club accountability page on facebook, so if you are on facebook, friend me and I'll get you added to the group!  We post our food journal, exercise log and water intake.  This isn't to judge or any other reason, ONLY for accountability!  We are here to build each other up, motivate and encourage!! 
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Discussion:  Did you eat your black eyed peas yesterday?  We always have ours on New Years Day for good luck in the coming year!