Friday, January 6, 2012

Have a good laugh....

Did you know that a recent Japanese study, listening to your favorite music or just laughing for one hour every other week can lower your blood pressure by 5-6 points in three months.  It is comparable to cutting salt from your diet or losing 10 lbs, but a LOT more fun!!!   Isn't that interesting, I love to laugh and listen to music!  So, I guess that I am doing my body some good every day!!!

Of course being married to Mr. FunnyMan Moritz helps, but there are a lot of ways to laugh.  Rent a funny movie, read those phone autocorrect messages gone wrong  ( I had tears rolling, I was laughing so hard)  (NOTICE:  Some of these are a little on the dirty side, so be forewarned)  or just hang out with your favorite funny person.  But, just get to laughing.  It's good for you in many ways - lift your spirits and good for your bod!

Another way to lift your spirits is to put on your favorite music and dance around.  I mean really get down and dance!  Don't worry about looking silly, I have to say, I love to watch Madelyn dance around, she just moves her body and doesn't care.  We like to be silly anyway, so we just dance!  It's fun and you get your heart rate up and you will be in a good mood. 

So, laugh it up today and everyday!!

This weekend's challenge:  just in case you don't get a chance to check in here at Feeling Fit with Dana on the weekend's

Your fitness challenge is to go for a 20-minute walk. Your second challenge is another great way to lower your stress level. Recent medical research has shown that laughter can reduce stress and boost the immune system. So I want you to rent a funny movie and enjoy it with your friends or family. Have a good laugh, it’s healthy. And for your nutrition challenge, visit a Farmer’s Market and pick a fruit or vegetable you HAVE NEVER tried before! Get adventurous. Who knows, you may find your new favorite food.
So here we go, 20-minute walk or run, rent a comedy for some laughs, and try a new vegetable or fruit.