Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the good, the bad, but no ugly!!!

What a day it has been!  Some good things, some not so good things!

First the bad:

My theory is to get it over with quick!

1)  No gas on at the rental property.  The heater won't come on and it's going to be 19 tonight.  Solution:  took a couple of heaters over to put in the bathroom and kitchen.  Sending up a prayer that it works and the pipes don't burst.  We completely forgot that it was gas heat.  How does that happen????

2)  Stopped up the garbage disposal.  I did a good number on it and I knew at the time that I shouldn't put the sweet potato peels down it.  Solution:  Brian is going to take it apart and fix it for me.  He's not very happy with me, but still loves me!!

3)  One of the renters came by, evidently there was a slow leak in the attic and the ceiling in the bathroom fell in.  Good grief, I'm so thankful that no one was in there at the time.  Solution:  Jake and Nick are going over to put up new insulation and a new piece of drywall.

4)  Tornado watches and warning all around us.  Crazy weather here right now.  It was a high of 75 (74 now as I type this at 5 PM) and the low is going to be 19.  What a change of weather.  The generator battery has died and Brian is out there in the rain right now trying to get it charged.  Hoping we don't need it tonight.

So for the good things:

1)  Meredith and Madelyn came over today and that is always a nice time.  Grumpy took us all our to eat lunch and Robin called and met us while we were there.  That is another nice surprise!

2)  Pumpkin pies are in the oven and the house smells so good!  I still have to get the chocolate pecan pie and the pumpkin cinnamon rolls made, but that won't take very long!

3)  I'm so looking forward to seeing my family this holiday!

4)  And, I don't have to travel today or tomorrow!  YAY!!  That is good news!!

5)  and just because I want to have one more good thing than bad:  I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!