Tuesday, March 16, 2010

vacation fun

We are back from our vacation and boy, I'm tired. A bit cranky too! I'm going to get a workout in this morning and get myself in a better mood.

We had a blast in San Antonio and are ready to plan our next trip! WE went with friends and it was our first trip in the camper. LOVED IT!!!!!

We visited the Riverwalk, Tower of America, the Mexican Market, Farmer's Market, went to the San Antonio Rampage hockey game, Fredricksburg, the oldest Cathedral in the US, the Alamo and ate some good food and some not so good food!

Brian and I had planned on doing the Segway tour, when we got there and Brian tried it out, he decided that his legs just weren't up for it, so Craig and Hermina took off on the tour and Brian and I went to the Alamo. When they got back, they told Brian that there was no way he could've done it, so I'm glad that we didn't go. Nothing worse than getting out there and having to walk all the way back. We did get to try them out in the store and it was fun. I picked it up pretty quickly, but of course, I was in the store.

I took my workout videos and had the best of intentions, but didn't do one of them! We did a lot of walking though, and I am okay with it. I'll just repeat this week of the workout rotation and go on. Do your best and forget the rest as Tony Horton says!

I loved the sun! It was in the 70's and 80's while we were there and the sun was out every day. It's hard to come home to the 40's and overcast weather. I'm freezing. I think it means that I need to move to a warmer climate!

I'm ready for the next trip - anyone have any good suggestions on where to go? We are thinking ocean next, Ahhhh, I can't wait!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. Love Brian in the big hat, did he buy it. Sure wish you could have brought the weather back with you though. It's been so dreary here. Loved your pics.

  2. Jules, Brian didn't buy the big hat. He should've, it looks good on him. I wish I could've brought the weather back too!

  3. Go to Hawaii, or San Diego! :)

    Looks like a blast - glad you had a fun time!!

  4. What a fabulous fantastico vaca!


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