Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodbye Detergent Original Spaghetti Scrubs

Spring is in the air and with it comes spring cleaning. I just want to go on the record. I hate to clean. I will avoid it as long as possible and do anything else that is more fun (which is anything in my opinion).

So, when I saw Goodbye Detergent spaghetti scrubs, I was intrigued. If I can find something that will make my cleaning life easier, then I'm all for it. The wonderful people at Goodbye Detergent sent me a couple of these scrubs to try!

The great thing about these scrubs is that you don't have to add cleaner to them. It's already there. Just wet and get to scrubbing.

Last week I had to clean a rental house. Usually most of our renters have not been horrible about leaving the house filthy. We didn't get so lucky with this one. The shower was disgusting. I'm fairly certain that it hadn't been cleaned ever. There was a handful of razor covers in one corner, red, gold, green and black mold. UGH! So, I tackled it with everything but the kitchen sink. The scrubs really did help! I was so surprised when it came clean. I also used the scrubs on the stovetop. I can't talk about it. It was that bad. We did the best we could with the scrubs and then had to get a razor blade scraper to get all the gunk off.

The scrubs come in long sheets and you are thinking - what in the world is that? In fact, the boys were trying to figure out what it was and a scrubby was not on their list of guesses!!! These scrubs are made from corn cobs and peach pits. For tough jobs, like the shower, you can add a little cleaner to them, but you really don't need a lot.
After you wet them, this is what they look like. You just get to scrubbing! When you are done cleaning, just hang it over the faucet and it dries completely. No stinky smell, and they will last for months. I love that it will save on cleaners and it is better for the environment.