Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Follow and Friday Challenge!

It's Finally Friday! Brian is going to a buddies night, so I am hosting a Girls Night In! Some of my high school girlfriends are coming over and we are going to make pizza and watch movies and just have a good time. We always do! I love that we are still in touch and get together! We get together for birthdays and that usually means once a month. It's so much fun!

I'm going to start a new Friday Challenge. Don't worry, it won't be too hard :) Every Friday it will be something different. Might be food or water related, might be exercise related. Could be organization or writing..... whatever strikes my fancy. But, I will be doing it with you!

Today's Challenge will be to do 100 push-ups. These can be spread out throughout the day or more power to you if you can knock them all out at once. I was in a push-up challenge a few years ago for one month to do as many push-ups as possible each day. I got to where I would stop and do 20 pushups every time I thought about it. Not only did I build up my strength, but my arms were looking great! You can do these on your knees, on your toes or against the wall. However you can get them in! Yes, your arms will probably be sore on Sat., but you will feel great knowing you got it done!

Be sure to post and let me know that you got them done!!

It's Friday Follow!!!

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Discussion: Do you still get together with your old friends? What are some fun things you do?