Saturday, November 29, 2008

Steady Strides

Morning everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had such a good time with our families. I love it when everyone is together and we get to spend some quality time. I missed having my brother, Daryl and his family and Brian's sister, Lisa and her family. Hopefully at Christmas, we will all get to see each other. I did pretty good with my eating and have been able to get back on track with my workouts.

This morning I did Steady Strides. This workout is part of the Kathy Smith's Project You series. It is a walking workout. Part 1 is strictly walking at a good pace. Kathy Smith narrates and the music is good and has a good beat that helps to keep you on pace. Part 2 really picks things up a bit and you do some intervals. 3 minutes walking and 3 minutes brisk walking or jogging. At the end, you do 2 anaerobic drills. Really fast walking/running for 1 minute and then 1 minute recovery. This really gets your heart rate up and the sweat flowing. You can use this workout outside or on a treadmill. I was on the treadmill today simply because it is raining outside here.

I really like this one. I did both of the workouts today and it pushed me. I think anyone at any level can do these, you just modify it to meet your needs. I highly recommend this one ;)

We are going to be doing our angel shopping today. We usually take the whole family and shop for someone less fortunate than us. It makes the kids really appreciate all that they have and lets them see how good it feels to help others. This year, the kids are all busy with their own lives, so it looks like it will just be Brian and myself. I miss getting to spend as much time with the boys, but I understand that they are growing up - too fast for my taste.

We are enjoying the leftovers, Brian just loves turkey and stuffing sandwiches, me - not so much. LOL!! I am going to make a nice veggie soup out of the leftovers and that will be wonderful for me.

I'll be back tomorrow to post about the pilates workout from Kathy Smith. I will also be having my first live piyo class. I hope that I am ready for this. Luckily, I have a group of friends that don't mind being my guinea pigs!!!!