Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7, 2008

Good Morning! I got up early today and got some victory veggie soup and power rice and rye made first thing. I got a little work done and then just finished my workout.

Today was Hip Hop Abs Booty Shakin' Dance Party. I really like the Dance Party Series, but this is not my favorite one. I didn't get a good sweat going. It's a little hard to pick up all the moves and the Shaunography at the end is a little too hard on my hamstrings. I really do wish that we would get more stretching and cool down in these workouts. I really think it makes a HUGE difference. I do like the video at the beginning. I think I get more of the moves, so I can get more out of the workout. Now, having said all that, the workout is fun as usual.

Here is Beachbody's description of this one:

Shaun Ts Dance Party Series™ - $39.90
We cut Shaun T loose and these new dance workouts are out of control! Beachbody® dancer/choreographer has gone all-out to create the most intense and innovative dance routines ever released.

Booty Shakin' Come join the party, shake your booty, and wave good bye to those extra pounds! Once you start you won’t be able to stop—no kidding! Plus, ramp up the intensity with Shaun’s Booty Shakin’ Challenge. (35 minutes)

I did do the challenge at the end. It is all the moves in the video one after the other. This moves pretty quickly and takes about 3 1/2 minutes.

There are 3218 ab moves in the original video and 256 in the challenge portion. So, you really do work your mid-section!!

There is a group of friends that are all following Marilu Henner's Body Victory program. This is a great way to lose a few lbs and pick up some healthy eating habits. I have been a member of for 5 years now and love this way of eating. No dairy, no alcohol, no re meat and no refined sugar for 3 weeks will really get you feeling good. It's amazing to me how much food and diet affects our moods as well as our health. I feel better, look better, sleep better and I'm not nearly as grouchy!! Just ask my family, they'll confirm it :)

So, if you get a chance, check out for some great support, motivation and healthy eating tips.