Monday, November 24, 2008

Foundation and Lower Body and Abs!

I got a late start on my workouts today.

Just finished Foundation and Lower Body and Abs from Kathy Smith's Project: YOU! I really like these workouts, they are quick and effective. Foundation is a 30 minute cardio workout. It has some kickboxing thrown in as well. It's a little on the dancey side, but it is fun and the time goes by quickly. I like the people the in background. Lower Body and Abs is 30 mins also and is a killer leg workout and the abs are done on the stability ball. It is very effective.

Beachbody has just recently changed the format for the Project: YOU workouts to Project: YOU Type 2. This is now a great program for anyone with pre-diabetes or diabetes. You don't have to be in one of those catagories to get results from the workout, but I love that the program is geared towards it. Obesity is rampant in the US and we need to really work on this. If you aren't on a workout regimen, I highly recommend this one!!

Tomorrow is more Project: YOU! Long and Lean and Pilates Core.

I went for my Piyo certification this weekend in Stillwater OK. I had a good time. I'm sore today, but I am able to walk LOL!! I am anxious to get my rating and get started teaching classes.