Monday, December 12, 2011

Stop Dancing, I'm Singing Jesus!

We had a fantastic evening last night!  The kids came over and Nick made pizza casserole.  There is nothing better than a meal shared with all my kids!  NOTHING!  We enjoyed the food, but the company is always the best part.  Madelyn refused to eat, but she didn't mind drinking two HUGE cups of lime water.  This of course meant many, many trips to the bathroom.  Her little bladder is just that, very little.  Every few minutes she would tell us she needed to potty and off someone would go to take her. 

At one point, she took her time and we were all sitting at the table and she is in the bathroom right off the kitchen and she is singing Jesus Loves me at the top of her lungs.  We all stopped talking and listened.  Honestly, she is pretty good and I love listening to her sing.  One of the sweetest sounds!  She noticed it got quiet and hopped down from the potty to see what we were doing.  Watching her walk around with her pants at her ankles was funny and evidently not too hard for her to do, she didn't seem to mind.  So, after Momma pulled her pants up, she decided to put on a concert for us. We never got to hear the whole song, because Meredith was doing a little dance with her head and Mads put her hands on her face and told her to stop dancing, I'm singing Jesus!  Now that was hysterical!  Priceless in fact!

While we were sitting talking at the table after we had finished eating, Brian told about the chair he ALMOST bought for Madelyn.  It was a giraffe and he is talking all about it and Jake asked if it was like his old bear chair.  That brought back some memories and we got to talking about all the antics the boys did with the poor, old chair.  It was a rocking chair, but it wasn't a typical rocking chair.  There were no "legs", but it had a bear face and hand  to the side, the bear's legs were the seat.  It was a bit angled and Nick ( no surprise there) would turn it over and use it for a slide.  That got a few chuckles, but when Jake told us that everytime he sat in it, he had to put his head and hand in the right spot.  He thought that was where he was supposed to put HIS hand.  He was sitting there with his right hand up and his head against the chair.  Brian and I didn't remember this at all, I don't recall him sitting like that, but he was sure that is how he always sat in the chair.  He thought you had to.  So, we were laughing our heads off at the sight.  Every time he told us about it last night, he held his hand up again, that would just make us laugh even harder.

Those are the best moments for us.  Enjoying our time with our kids and remembering.  Nick reminded us of the time we thought he was missing.  We looked everywhere for him, I mean EVERYWHERE.....  couldn't find him.  We were just about to call the police when Chase found him, curled up on the floor beside the couch and the wall covered up completely with a blanket, fast asleep.  So many stories.....

I'm off to get my morning workout done with a friend!  Honestly there is nothing better than working out with friends.  It motivates me and keeps me on track.  I'll be posting about The Social Network Diet book tomorrow.  Have a wonderful, fun-filled day today!