Thursday, December 15, 2011

Puppies always make things better!

I've had a good couple of days. So much fun with friends and family!  I went to lunch with my girlfriends.  It was good to see everyone!

We ate at Pacific Rim.  I like it, I can order the Mongolian BBQ and fix whatever I like ( no meat, lots of veggies), they even have tofu available.  YAY!

Mendy, Denisa and I went shopping after lunch and we had a blast.  Everyone got some gifts and items we needed and we managed to have a little fun in there.

Mendy did an impromptu performance on the stage.  Denisa and I sat in the audience and enjoyed her show!

I tried on some new glasses,

Dee had on an adorable top hat that will look great at her graduation, but the photo is gone.  You will have to use your imagination here.....

Yesterday, we had Madelyn.  She was all about Santa.  She wanted to go look at him.  Yes, I said LOOK.  There will be no talking to him, waving at him, getting close to him, just looking at him....

It was a bit traumatic, but no tears where shed.  The elf danced a jig and gave her a coloring book and we went to play with the puppies.  Puppies ALWAYS make everything better....

She named it Tinkerbell (big surprise there) and she LOVED her!  She wanted to take her home and talked about her all through lunch.  We went to the new Qdoba.  I am in love with the mexican gumbo.  I also love that I can get my food without any meat ( do you see a pattern here?)  Mexican gumbo is black beans, rice and tortilla soup.  Then you can add toppings of meat, cheese, sour cream (no thank you to all of those options), guacamole and tortilla strips (yes, please!).  So darned tasty!  We will be going back for sure!

Then Brian and I picked out the ceramic tile for the house on 17th St.  The house is painted and the tile is going down!  I am getting so excited.  This one is already rented and I know our renter is probably more excited than I am!