Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another good day in the books!

We had the best of intentions yesterday to get a LOT accomplished.  However, it didn't really happen.

We headed over to 17th St. to paint the doors.  Started out at Lowe's getting the paint and supplies needed and went over.  I was prepared for the colder weather - wore my stocking cap, heavy sweatshirt and jacket and layers, ipod was loaded and ready to go WITH my new skullcandy earbuds.  I was ready to paint.

BUT, the wind was blowing like craaaaazy.

  Dust particles were everywhere, they even showed up in the picture. 

So, we decided to paint another day.

 We really wanted to beat the weather that they say is coming - have I mentioned that I do NOT like cold weather and snow and ice are NOT my friends....

After we got home and got a few things done around the house, Madelyn came over to stay the night.

 Chase and Meredith had their tacky Christmas Sweater party last night and we got to have Mads for the night.

She is potty training and doing fantastic!  Not one accident and she is so funny!  Every time she potty's she holds her arm up and shouts "I did it!" 

We watched Jungle Book,

 read some books

 made roads out of beads (who knew...)

Then it was bedtime - jammies on and books read and time to sleep

Nona and Bumpy were worn out!  She got up in a GREAT mood this morning, we had our shakeology and then got her ready for church!  Another great day in the books!