Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yesterday was a busy day (my usual), but I got to start my day off right with Miss Madelyn stopping by!  I was our Wednesday together.  We had a little time to play and then we had to take the car to the shop.  Madelyn was a chatty Kathy on the way and wanted to know about everything she could think about or even that she saw.  Especially the other people.  Nona, where is that red car going?  Who is in that blue car?  What are their names?  It was a question-po-looza!  She did make up a few stories about the people.  One car evidently contained a kitty-cat and 2 doggies and a boy.  There was a guy named David walking down the road, she thought he was going to school.  I was glad when Bumps got in the car with us and he could answer a few of her questions.  BUT, the big news on the Madelyn front is that she has decided to start using the big girl potty!  YAY!  There is nothing cuter than her smiling face telling me she did it!

After visiting Uncle Nick at work and making a quick stop in Wal-Mart, we headed back home for some food - applesauce and Nutella and bread sticks were needed!!! 

Brian and Jake have gone hunting, I have a feeling that they are going to FREEZE this weekend.  I can only hope they have a good time. 

I'm off to spend the day with the girls and have some girly fun.  I get to watch what I want on TV while BP is gone.  I'm thinking this may be a nice break :)