Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dress up Party!

We have had a fantastic Christmas!  FANTASTIC! 

We met the kids in town for a nice lunch out yesterday after Mom, Dad, Brian and I returned a couple of things and we took Dad through Joplin to see the tornado aftermath.  He hadn't seen it yet.  It is still sobering and sad, but he wanted to see it and we obliged.

Chase and Meredith needed to return a few things and do some shopping, so we had Madelyn last night (darn the luck huh?) and she came prepared for a dress up party!

She really loved everything but the Sleeping Beauty wig. But, she sure wanted everyone else to wear it!

I think Nick wore it best.... He's a pretty man!

Poppaw wore the famous green wig, but would not let me take a photo.  He knew it would end up online!!

We had a big dinner with the family and just enjoyed our time together. 

Today, it is back to reality.  Mom and Dad left this morning because they had to get back to work, The kids all had to go back to work and of course, I need to do the same.

Tonight I am visiting friends I haven't seen in a LONG time.  I can't wait to see them and we are having a big chili feed.  I am making my portabello chili and really looking forward to it!