Wednesday, May 4, 2011

rueben love

When I quit eating meat a long time ago, I cried because it meant no more rueben sandwiches.  Truly.  Not joking.....


I made the BEST tempeh rueben sammy yesterday and I want to share it with you guys - that is just how much I like you all :)

First of all, get your tempeh.  I used 3 grain, but there are all kinds available.  It looks like a block and is shrink-wrapped.  I forgot to take a photo before I got it in the marinade.

I cut it the short way, but if you prefer cut it the long way - YOUR CHOICE!!

Then mix up the marinade:

I don't use measurements, just throw it in the pan.

bragg's liquid aminos or soy sauce
liquid smoke
lemon juice
chopped garlic
couple dashes of tabasco sauce
one dash of ume plum vinegar ( any kind of vinegar will do)

I like to marinate the tempeh for at least one hour.  Longer is usually better and a stronger flavor.

Then mix up your dressing:

veganaise (or mayo)
dill pickle relish

When the tempeh is done marinating,  I put it and the marinade in a pan and just brown it.

Then you are ready for some sammy magic:

I like to toast the bread ( dark breads are my faves, but whatever you have on hand will work)
then a single layer of tempeh (don't be greedy here and eat it all at once, you will want a second sammy!!)

Pile on the sauerkraut and the dressing.

You could add some daiya or cheese if you want, but it really doesn't need it.  Try it both ways and let me know which way you like it better!

I ate the sammy before I took a photo, you'll just have to use your imagination!  I'll take one when I eat my second one!

Discussion:  Is there a food you don't eat anymore that you miss?  Have you tried to make a re-creation?  Did it work?