Monday, May 30, 2011

Eating on the run!

My eating has been off lately since we have been so busy, running around and working so much.  I am going to plan better this week and make better choices.


The problem I had was that I didn't take my food with me every day.  The first couple of days, I had a big bag with me - oranges, protein bars, shakeology, and almonds.  I could stop for a snack if I was hungry.  Most of the time that didn't happen, but I did have food that I could eat.

Then I got tired, didn't feel like packing any food up and just ran out the door thinking I could wing it - WRONG!  I ended up having a small bag of chips and peanut butter crackers most of the time for lunch.  First of all, that is not enough food and it is empty calories. 

So, I thought I could put a post together about eating on the run and the best choices to pack.

Fruit - easy and very portable, full of nutrition. Oranges, bananas, apples - whatever you like!

Almonds/Nuts - great protein pick me up - put them in the snack sized baggies for the correct portion sizes.

PB&J sammys - doesn't necessarily have to be refrigerated, easy to fix and transport.

Shakeology - just toss a packet in your bag and mix with water - super easy on-the-go meal with all the nutrition you need.

Protein bars/granola bars - Just make sure you don't take the chocolate ones if it is hot.  They get quite messy!!!

Water - toss in several bottles of water (now that the boil order has been lifted, you can use your re-fillable bottle!)  A cute water bottle always makes me smile!!

If you plan in advance, you CAN eat healthy on the run.  It may not be the same as eating at home, but healthy choices are available and it's so much better than a bag of chips!