Wednesday, March 30, 2011

you see, there was this squirrel

We have Madelyn today.  That is nothing new. 

The fact that she never forgets anything is nothing new either.  What is new is that we are hearing this story about this squirrel.

You see, there was this squirrel that was sitting on the tractor.  The tractor that Jake was on.  The squirrel was eating.  A bite.  Then he got down.

That is the story.  Now, I have heard this same story at least 100 times today.  Not to mention the 20 times I heard about it yesterday.

This is how it goes in Madelynese:

puearl:  translated to squirrel
Yake? - translated to Jake

OVER and OVER again.

This is an interactive story.  My part is this:

puearl - yes, the squirrel
go?  - He has gone home
tracteeer - yes, the squirrel was on the tractor
Yake? - yes, Jake was on the tractor too
eating - yes, the squirrel was eating
bite - yes, the squirrel was eating a bite
down - yes, the squirrel got down off the tractor

There has been a lot of time spent looking out the window for the squirrel and looking at the tractor.  Thank goodness Bumpy - translated:  Grumpy, is around to take over my duties for a while!

Thank goodness for naptime!!

Discussion:  Any good stories from your kids/grandkids to share?