Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's no joke!

It's a Fit Club Tuesday again! Yippee Skippee!! 
We are focusing on Rev Abs this month, so all is good!  These workouts are no joke!!

Trainer Brett Hoebel is one of the newest  trainers on The Biggest Loser!  He is so cute and the workouts are so effective!  I hope you will join us if you are local.  Fit Club is now being held at my house, so email, facebook or twitter me for an address!  7 PM and it's free to attend!!

If you have been wanting to try Shakeology, please let me know.  I have Chocolate samples available to mail out.  I only request that you sign up for a free account on my websiteThis is amazing stuff.  Check it out on my shakeology website and let me know if you want a sample!  YUMMY GOODNESS!!!

Fit Club Recipe:
We are getting ready to go on a little vacay, so I have been busy getting things ready.  One of the things I can not do without is HOT MUSTARD.  I LOVE mustard!  I can eat it on anything :)  I love making my own so I know that I am getting good ingredients!!!

from my mother-in-law, Judy!

4 oz. dry mustard (Coleman's brand is best)
1 cup vinegar  ( I use apple cider vinegar)

Mix together and let stand overnight

Next day:

2 whole eggs (whisked)
dash salt
1 c sugar (I use sucanat)

Add to the mustard/vinegar mix and cook in a double boiler until it thickens (about 10 mins).

Let cool and then refigerate.


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Discussion:  Is there a food you can't live without?

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