Monday, March 7, 2011

whirlwind week!

It was another whirlwind weekend!  We had a blast, but I was glad for a little downtime yesterday!

Saturday was spent cleaning the lakehouse (again!!) and then we went to dinner with friends and to the local Dancing with the Joplin Stars! 

Hot tea in an elephant pitcher, why yes please!
Love the light fixtures!
Brian was thrilled to go to Dancing with the Joplin Stars!
We were a little more happy about it!

Sunday was a little less rushed.  Still did some cleaning at home, Brian and I went for a long, glorious walk and then the kids came over for a pizza dinner!  YUM!

Veggie Pizza and spinach salad!

Today, is back to routine!  I am finally feeling better.  I will be working out this evening.  I had so much to get done first thing this morning, that I will be working out later.  I'm hoping that Brian and I can get in another walk.  Supposed to rain tomorrow, want to enjoy the nice weather while we can.

Don't forget to check out our lakehouse rental!  We are starting to get some bookings for this summer.  Have your own lake get-away!!  Talk about some downtime!!  Fun family time, swimming, boating, para-sailing.  All the fun stuff is there!

Great view on the boat!

Brian and I taking off!

Brian's BIG catch!

Discussion:  Do your weekends just fly by and you are glad for the week to start again or do you savor the weekends!