Wednesday, March 2, 2011

read it again, peas

It's a Madelyn day at our house today.  She is napping right now, so I am getting a few things accomplished.  How can you get anything done when that cute little face is looking at you, wanting to play,eat or just sit on your lap.  Nothing is more important in that moment!

The look of our house changes quite a bit when she is here:

Today Mads is into her new book DOG!

She has been slow to love this book, but it has happened.  Now it is all she wants to do, read it again, peas......

Her favorite page:
The tongue on the last dog is sticky, she loves to put her finger on it and say ewwwww

My favoite page, all dogs poop, all dogs pee.....  really do we need this in our books?

BUT, this is her very favorite part and we just found it today!  Kitty Cat!

One more time, peas????

How could I possibly say no?

Discussion:  do you have a favorite book from your childhood?