Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where is my Brain?

I kind of had a where is your brain kind of day yesterday.  I got up early, got ready for my dentist appointment, walked in the door and Susan says - wow, you are here early.  I was surprised and said, well, it's only 5 minutes to 9.  My appointment is at 9, she says no, it's a noon......  Luckily, they had a couple of cancellations, so I lucked out there!  It actually worked out for the best for them, now they got to eat lunch :)

Then I met up with a couple of my gal pals - YUM, eggplant stir fry and brown rice.  DELISH!  The best part of course, was the company.

I came home and had a couple of phone calls to make, then got to cooking!


I really wanted some pasta, I was expecting sore teeth later in the day, so pasta won out!

Popeye Pasta ~ Dreena Burton ~ Eat, Drink and Be Vegan

I love Dreena Burton's cookbooks.  I use them all the time, I've loaned one of them out and can not remember who I gave it to!  If I can't figure it out soon, I'll just have to get another copy!

Brian really liked this one and I will make it again!  As Mads says, it was TASTY!  Next time I 'll add in some mushrooms and peppers.

I'm still plugging along with my Tai Cheng.  It is just so different from all the workouts that I had been doing.  I miss them!  Especially my Les Mills Pump workouts!  I do feel that Tai Cheng is good for me!  So, I'm sticking with my plan.

Do you have a favorite cookbook????  Please share with me.  I kind of have an addiction!!